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    How to Stencil Without Paint Bleeding: A Review of Materials

    It turns out that there are about a million different types of stencils you can buy. There are also about a million different methods you can use to stencil. Therefore, please, let me SIMPLIFY this for you! I went out and bought a wide array of stenciling products with the goal of finding the very best products and the very best method to use. Below you’ll find a review of products and methods, with a simple recommendation on the best way to stencil. Hopefully this saves you both money and time spent on exploring options! After all my stenciling trial-and-error, I made the above home decor item. And guess what?!…

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  • Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

    How to Throw a Toddler Birthday Party – The Easy Way!

    Before I had kids I thought I’d hate throwing kids’ birthday parties. The thought of spending hours cutting out and painting cardboard so that it looks like a doghouse or something else random sounded painful! Well, turns out I really love throwing birthday parties for my toddler. Why? Because I do it how I like to do it. I do what works for me. Do I spend hours cutting and painting cardboard? Nope! Should other people? Sure, if they want to! For me, here are my three best friends for party-throwing: Pinterest Amazon Prime Walmart Grocery Pickup Seriously. So easy. Then I can focus on the fun parts – the…

  • Final Rustic Wood Coat/Key Hanger

    DIY Rustic Farmhouse Style Coat Rack

    I love using old wood I have lying around to make custom home decor items. First, it’s inexpensive. Secondly, I can customize the piece to fit my space exactly right. Thirdly, I get rid of old scrap wood that is filling up my garage! Have I convinced you yet to give this a try? In the following tutorial I am going to show you how to make a rustic farmhouse style coat rack. If you are looking for other easy farmhouse style projects, don’t forget to check out my $5 Blanket Ladder tutorial. Sign up here to get notified of new blog posts via email! Gather your supplies: I bought…

  • Embroidery Hoop Fabric Craft

    DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor: Easy to Make & Less than $10

    When I have blank walls I normally just drive to a few stores and find wall decor to hang up (proof here). Sometimes it’s expensive. Sometimes I like it for a few months and then randomly start hating it and replace it again. I’ve never made my own wall decor but I decided to give it a shot to get something truly unique AND really inexpensive. This project took less than an hour to make (seriously, I did it one evening after my son went to bed). Also, it cost me about $10 total but it could cost you $0 if you have these materials already lying around! Simple materials…

  • Upholstered Tufted Headboard

    5 Gorgeous Upholstered Tufted Headboards

    We’re currently remodeling and decorating our guest bedroom. I painted the walls a light blue and want to make the room feel cozy and bright, with a lot of white in it. Therefore, I went searching for a beautiful white upholstered tufted headboard that wasn’t crazy expensive. It turned out a bit challenging, especially since many of the headboards I found were a cream or beige rather than a true white. To help you in your searching, I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most gorgeous ones I found. Bennett Upholstered Panel Headboard (Wayfair): This is the one I ultimately purchased and I love it! See the gorgeous picture…

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  • Home Wall Decor Inspiration, Signs

    Finding that Perfect Wall Decor

    Sooooo many walls, so many decorating decisions. You know those huge blank walls that make you wonder and wonder what to put there? And then three years later you are still wondering? Well, here are some ideas and tips to hopefully get you moving in the right direction! First off, I now have a rule that I don’t buy wall decor unless I absolutely love it. It means it takes a much longer time to finish decorating a space but it’s well worth it. I don’t end up with closets and basements filled with wall decor that I never really liked in the first place. 2 Main Considerations and then…

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