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    A Lint Roller Can Be Used for THIS?! 4 Amazing Fall Cleaning Projects using a Lint Roller

    Most people use lint rollers on clothing. However, they can be used in many other ways, including helping you clean your home for fall or any other time of year. I’ll be sharing with you 4 amazing ways that an Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller can help make cleaning easier and faster. This post was sponsored by Evercare but all opinions stated here are mine. Cleaning Project 1: Clean & Organize a Kitchen Utensil Drawer Everyone has at least one messy drawer in their home. I have about 25 messy drawers! Therefore, I decided to clean and organize my kitchen utensil drawer. Here’s what it looked like before I started. Step…

  • How to clean a paint brush
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    How to Clean a Paint Brush and Roller Cover

    Did you know that paint brushes can stay good for decades? Even if you use them all the time! With proper cleaning and care, high quality paint brushes can stay good for a lifetime. I’d love to share with you how to clean a paint brush and roller cover so that they last a long time for you! Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring this post. I received compensation but all opinions stated here are my own. I’ve loved and owned Purdy products for a very long time! To introduce this cleaning tutorial, I’ll be sharing with you a recent furniture refinishing project and I’ll show how I cleaned the brush and roller cover…

  • Easy Linen Closet Organization Project
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    Linen Closet Organization Makeover in just ONE DAY!

    Anyone else have the messiest linen closet? It’s where we keep our linens, plus all our medicine and stocked-up toilet paper. It was DISASTROUS! The good news: I tidied it up in just one day with a few simple steps. Get ready for some linen closet organization! Here’s how I did it so that you can do the same (unless you like an avalanche of towels on your head when you open your linen closet! Eeek!). Thanks to Minwax for sponsoring this post. I received compensation from Minwax but all opinions stated here are my own. Time to Complete Linen Closet Organization One Day! Seriously. You can do it too. Tools &…

  • Bedside Storage Cubby for Child's Room for Toys and Books
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    Easy DIY Bedside Storage Solution for Children’s Room

    My young son used to fall out of bed – a lot! We often heard a loud noise and found him sleeping on the floor instead of in his bed. One of the primary reasons why this happened was because he slept with about 11 massive books! He literally did not have room to sleep. When we put him to sleep for the night, he read books in his bed until he was tired. When he got tired, he just set the books in his bed and fell asleep. Then all night long he rolled over and over the books, until he fell out of bed. What was my solution?…

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    5 Easy Tips for Deep Cleaning & Decluttering Your Home in the New Year

    The New Year always makes me want to clean and declutter my home. Something about packing up all the Christmas décor makes me want to simplify and start the year fresh. I always feel really motivated and search the internet for hours for the best deep cleaning and decluttering checklist. I get a strong start around Jan 2nd and by about Jan 6th, I’m a few days behind on the checklist and I simply give up. How about you? Do you suffer from the same “quitter’s syndrome” that I do? Well, it’s not you; and it’s not me. It’s the horrible checklist! Ditch the checklist and follow my 5 simple…