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Embrace the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) with Cabot’s 2024 Trend of the Year, Retreat!

Let’s stop talking about the fear of missing out (FOMO) and start talking about the joy of missing out (JOMO)!

There is something wonderful about embracing a slower and simpler way of life rather than trying to keep up on all the latest events and gatherings. This year let’s slow down and enjoy a more relaxing and recharging way of life!

Thanks to Cabot for sponsoring this post. I received compensation but all opinions stated here are my own. I’ve loved and used Cabot premium woodcare products for a long time.

About the Cabot 2024 Trend of the Year, Retreat

This trend is all about creating relaxing outdoor spaces at your home. We don’t need to race around, trying to keep up with what everyone else in life is doing. Let’s focus instead on creating little retreats within our home.

“Retreat” means something different to everyone. When I think about what retreat means to me and what atmosphere makes me feel relaxed and recharged, I think of a few key elements: A comfy chair, a good book, plants, and a good drink. Sunshine and warm weather helps too!

Therefore, I partnered with Cabot to bring a space like this to life. I decided to build and stain a planter that doubles as a drink holder. Below is the tutorial and keep scrolling to see the final look of my “Retreat” space.

Tools and Materials Needed for Planter/Drink Holder

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Steps to Creating a Planter/Drink Holder

STEP 1: Cut cedar boards to size

Using a miter saw, cut the 1×6 cedar board into four 6″ boards, eight 12″ boards, and four 20″ boards. Next cut a 6 1/4″ board from the 1×8 cedar board. Then, using a jigsaw, cut this board so that it is a 6 1/4″ square.

STEP 2: Sand boards

Use a random orbit sander with 220 grit sandpaper to sand the boards. Remove any sanding dust with tack cloths.

STEP 3: Assemble the boards into the planter

Using wood glue and a pin nailer (or brad nailer), assemble the boards into the tiered planter. You will want to make four separate boxes.

One box will be made using the 6″ boards, two with the 12″ boards, and one with the 20″ boards. Each one should form a square when you are done.

Allow time for the wood glue to dry.

STEP 4: Attach the drink holder piece of wood

To the top of the tallest box, attach the piece of wood that you cut from the 1×8 board. Once again, use wood glue and a pin nailer. The board should fit perfectly on top, creating a nice spot for a drink.

STEP 5: Stain the planter

Stain the four planter boxes using Cabot Semi-Transparent Stain + Sealer and a Purdy White Bristle brush. I chose the stain color, Desert Sand, which is warm and inviting.

You only need to apply one coat of this stain. It’s a premium exterior stain that resists lapping and has a beautiful, durable finish. Allow 24-48 hours of dry time.

STEP 6: Add landscaping cloth and plants

Next cut and add landscaping cloth to the inside of the planters. This will take a little skill in folding the landscaping cloth just right to create an area for the dirt to go. Staple it in the inside of the three smaller boxes using a staple gun. (Alternatively, you can skip this step and just put pots on stands or pieces of wood inside each box.)

Add dirt and plants.

Complete your Retreat Space!

To complete your Cabot Retreat space, add a super comfy chair and a fun rug. Add lanterns or string lights that you can turn on in the evening.

Grab your favorite drink and a good book. Then head outside and let the hours pass as you relax and recharge.

I encourage you to create a place in your home that feels like a retreat to you too – a place to embrace the joy of missing out. A place to recharge and relax. A way to enjoy the simpler, slower pace of life.