The Easy Way to Create a Gallery Wall: Layout Tips, Hanging Tools and More!

I’m pretty sure gallery walls are a love it or hate it design choice in a home. I can see why. They can be annoying to hang up perfectly. They can look unbalanced. I’d love to provide you with 3 simple tips for making your gallery wall look great and also making it really easy to install.

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Tip 1: Create paper templates of your wall hangings so that you can play around with the layout

The gallery wall layout can be one of the trickiest parts of the gallery wall. To make it easier, use a large roll of paper and trace each wall hanging onto it. Cut them out.

Then use painter’s tape to tape them up on the wall. You can easily move them around, step back and take multiple looks at it or even give it a few days to make sure that you love the layout.

Tip 2: Use quick & simple tools to hang up your items

For items that are less than 5 lbs (or require two nails and are less than 10 lbs), I recommend using this Level Art Tool. It’s basically a hammer, level, measuring tape and nails all is one. Seriously. It’s amazing. You don’t have run to find 7 items. You can just use this.

It takes three easy steps to use.

Step 1: Adjust the length to fit the size of the wall hanging

Step 2: Put nails, head first, into the holes in the back of the tool

Step 3: Place it on the wall, ensuring that it’s level and push down on the two green areas. Pushing down on those green levers pushes the nails into the walls.

For heavy items, I recommend using these Bear Claws.

They hold up to 100 lbs if placed in studs and up to 30 lbs if placed in drywall! Plus, they are really easy to use. You only need a screwdriver or drill to install them. They don’t require pre-drilling or anchors. Simply screw them directly into the drywall to install them.

They have a little stop on them so the screws stick out of the wall just the perfect amount for hanging items on them.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to break the rules

You will probably read all sorts of rules about how to create a gallery wall. In the end, do what looks great to you. That’s what matters.

For me, I like to maintain similar distances between items. I like to have some straight lines horizontally and vertically across the gallery. I like to make sure that each item has one or two other items that match it in size, color and texture. These are my preferences. If they are helpful to you, wonderful! If you prefer to break these “rules,” go for it.

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