How to Make a Gorgeous Hanging Flower Vases Centerpiece

Here’s a quick and easy home decor DIY project to add a little happiness to your home. It’s simple, unique and completely customizable to your unique color and style preferences. This hanging flower vases project is also budget-friendly! So let’s get started.

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Materials & Tools

Time to Complete

An afternoon. It’s quite simple!


Step 1: Use a miter saw to cut a 1″ x 4″ x 6′ board into 4 pieces, two 15 1/4″ long and two 14 1/2″ long.

Cutting boards for hanging vases project

Step 2: Paint or stain the boards. I chose to paint them using Rust-Oleum White Chalked Paint.

Painting boards wtih chalk paint

Step 3: Drill 3 1/4″ holes in the top of one of the longer boards. Space the holes evenly apart. Determine the space between the holes depending on the size of your glass vases/jars.

Drilling holes in the wood to hang the vases up

Step 4: Using screws, screw the boards together so that they form a square. Ensure that the longer boards are on the top and bottom of the square.

Screwing the boards together to form a square

Step 5: Wrap the twine around the neck of the glass jars or vases, ensuring that you glue it down with super glue as you go and leave an ample amount of twine on each end. Do this for all three jars/vases.

Wrapping twine around the necks of the bottles

Step 6: Thread the twine through the holes in the top of the wood square and tie the twine together. Cut off any excess twine. Hang each of the jars/vases from the top wood board.

The finished hanging vases project

And there you have it! It’s simple and it’s customizable. You can make it smaller or larger. You can use different paint or stain. You can use different jars of vases. You can of course change out the flowers you put in it.

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