5 Tips for Painting Walls Quickly and Perfectly!

Most of us have painted walls before and let’s face it: It can get tedious and seem never-ending! Fortunately, I have five tips for you on how to paint walls quickly and perfectly.

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Tools & Materials

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Time to Complete

One day, depending on the size of the room to paint. Recently I decided to paint my family room. I often use one wall in this room as a staging area for my furniture flips.

The wall was a beige color with strong yellow and faint green undertones. I wanted to have a clean white wall as the backdrop for my furniture flips.

5 Tips for Painting Walls Quickly and Perfectly

TIP 1: Use a high-quality roller cover

I’ve seen some people paint walls using terrible roller covers. They leave lint on the walls and don’t pick up paint well.

I’ve also seen people roll tape around their roller covers and take it off before using the roller cover as a way to avoid getting lint in their paint.

Do yourself a favor and buy a high-quality roller cover specifically made for painting your walls. I recommend using a Purdy White Dove Roller Cover (3/8″ or 1/2″ nap). For smooth or lightly textured walls, use the 3/8″ nap. For medium textured walls, use the 1/2″ nap.

These roller covers work amazingly well for painting walls!

TIP 2: Save time by not using painter’s tape but rather using a brush with great cut-in ability

When you have an entire room to paint, you can save a lot of time by not taping off everything with painter’s tape.

Instead, choose a paint brush that helps you create crisp lines around your trim, ceiling edge, and more. The Purdy Clearcut Cub Brush is perfect for creating crisp lines. It has stiff bristles, which are important for creating crisp lines.

Using the right paint brush will make a huge difference in how your paint job turns out.

TIP 3: Use the right extension pole

Nothing is worse than getting a stiff neck while painting or having to get on and off a ladder 500 times while painting.

The right extension pole can make your paint job a lot easier.

The Purdy Power Lock Professional Grade Extension Pole is one of my favorite extension poles when I’m painting rooms with standard 8-foot ceilings. It locks into the roller frame, which ensures that it doesn’t start coming loose as you paint with it. Furthermore, it’s lightweight, which matters a lot when you are painting for hours with it.

TIP 4: Use the Purdy Premium Folding Multi-Tool to help fill holes in the wall before painting.

Prep work is important when painting walls. Don’t forget to fill holes in the wall with spackle before you paint.

Purdy has a really handy 10-in-1 tool that you can use for all sorts of things including pushing spackle into holes in your wall.

Allow the spackle to fully dry and ensure that it’s smooth with the wall before painting.

TIP 5: Use the right size roller for the job.

Most people have only ever used a standard 9″ roller. However, there are more roller size options available.

If you have a large flat area, consider purchasing an 18″ roller. On the other hand, if you are painting a small area like a piece of furniture, consider using a mini roller.

The Finished Wall (and Bedside Tables!)

Ahhhh, this wall looks SO much better now! No more yellow and green undertones messing with my pictures.

Also, the bedside tables don’t even look like the same tables.

I hope these 5 tips on painting a wall have been helpful to you and save you time and frustration!

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