Making a Pony Wall Cool Again. And Doing 500 Other Things. ORC Week 3!

It’s week 3 and I’m starting to see the room coming together!

Making a Pony Wall Cool

Pony walls, or half walls, are so 80’s….or 60’s….or…..? I’m pretty sure no one said they are amazingly on trend for 2020. Nevertheless, I was on a mission to make my pony wall cool and I got a large piece of it finished this week.

It took a lot of measuring, a lot of staining and more time than you might think but I got it done. It matches the trim exactly as I intended. You can see below my stain color test just to make sure that it would all match.

Boho Coasters

This week I also added the prettiest boho coasters to my living room! They came from Busa Designs. They add a nice neutral boho touch to my space.

A Couch & Accent Chairs

There are three items I knew I couldn’t DIY: A couch and two accent chairs. Therefore, I did a little polling on IG stories (thanks for the great advice, IG friends!) and ordered the couch. I swung over to Target to pick up the accent chairs, which match really well with my giant egg chair

Next Up: The Giant TV Wall

This is the wall I have been dreading. Why? Because I really can’t decide what to do with it.

I have considered just about everything: wallpaper, stencil, geometric accent wall, gallery wall, mantel and built-ins, etc. I tested a stencil option by making my own $0 paper stencil. Here is the template I created with a piece of paper and a razor blade.

I also hung a frame and a tapestry on the wall to get a feel for what a gallery wall might look like.

Honestly, I’m still undecided. Follow along this week on Instagram or Facebook to see what I decide (and to give input along the way!).

The Other ORC Participants!

Don’t forget to check out what all the other ORC participants are up to! Click here to go see. There are so many amazing rooms getting torn out and built back up again. Go cheer them on!