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Finding that Perfect Wall Decor

Sooooo many walls, so many decorating decisions. You know those huge blank walls that make you wonder and wonder what to put there? And then three years later you are still wondering? Well, here are some ideas and tips to hopefully get you moving in the right direction!

First off, I now have a rule that I don’t buy wall decor unless I absolutely love it. It means it takes a much longer time to finish decorating a space but it’s well worth it. I don’t end up with closets and basements filled with wall decor that I never really liked in the first place.

2 Main Considerations and then on to Wall Decor Types

  1. Consider the size of the wall: Putting a small picture on a huge wall is going to look terrible, no matter how lovely the picture is. I’m not going to go through every single dimension to consider since that would be a long post all on its own but assess the size and try different pictures that adequately fill up the space but aren’t butting up against trim, couch backs, etc.
  2. Consider the look and feel of the rest of the room: Ensure that the same style (modern vs. farmhouse vs. traditional, etc.) that is used in the room is reflected in the wall decor. This will make the room look really cohesive. Also consider what colors you have in the room already – do you want this wall decor to blend in or stick out as a statement piece?

Ok, now that you’ve thought through/evaluated those 2 considerations, let’s move on to the different types of wall decor and some ones I have found that I love – and some I have in my house that I hate!

Painted/Printed Canvases: In general I don’t love these. However, I do love these are when they are personally meaningful. I bought a canvas that was painted on the streets of Paris and I LOVE it. I also bought a canvas from Target with a Paris scene on it – really don’t love it. It feels meaningless and generic. Both shown below – not hard to figure out which is which 🙂

The painted canvas from Paris I got framed at Michaels. They always have coupons for framing and I was happy with the results.

Hand painted on the streets of Paris Canvas Wall DecorParis Printed Canvas from TargetGlass-covered, framed decor: Kinda starting to really love these. You can find really unique ones and they look much higher-end than the generic canvases I referenced above. Below is one I haven’t hung up yet but I love it. It’s going in our guest bedroom when we finish that remodel. I got it from Home Goods (really love this store….it’s like a rummage sale but with brand new items).

Wreath Farmhouse Style Wall Hanging Deco

Farmhouse Decor Wreath Text Book PagesCheck out the print on these wreath leaves – I love it. Something different than what you usually see.

I also really love this watercolor map I framed. I created a travel wall with this in the center. Surrounding this are pictures of many of the places I’ve been – Venice, Paris, Denmark, Ireland, London, Malawi, etc.

Watercolor Map Wall Decor

Of course I can’t remember where I purchased this watercolor map but below are links to two similar options!

Watercolor Map on 3 Canvases

Rustic Watercolor Map Printed on Canvas

Metal Decor: These are hit or miss for me – a matter of personal preference. Below is one I like in my house but I don’t normally lean towards these. Up to you. Not much to say about this type of wall decor 🙂

Metal Wall Decor Tree and Leaves

Here is a similar option, with a bit more color: Metal Leaves Wall Decor

Family Photos: These can work really well OR look really awful. If possible, use professional photos. Buy frames that have mattes in them (why when I google this do I see a lot of people spelling it “mat”? Am I wrong?? Maybe. Anyways…). Use a quality photo printing service – it makes a HUGE difference. Trust me. It took me years to realize this but I now use mpix for my photos and the results are stunning. I don’t think you’ll ever be disappointed! I try to keep the family photos to a minimum – this sounds bad but hold on a sec and lemme explain 🙂 I like to focus on having a few large family photos that look really great rather than having 20+ family photos up that all look just okay.

Sayings Signs: I love these when they are meaningful to me. I got one recently that I love and have received numerous compliments on. Smallwoods often has sales so you can get a good deal on their signs. Click here to check out the sign shown below. Click here to just browse all their gorgeous signs.

SmallWoods Wall Decor If you want to change the world, go home and love your family

Endless Other Options: Of course people go crazy with all kinds of interesting wall decor. I love the one below – I stalked it at World Market for months before finally deciding I needed to have it. It’s in my kitchen and goes well with my white cabinets. Click here to check out all the details.

Wall Decor World Market Carved Mirrored Leela Wall Plaque

Ok, that’s all for now! Hope this helps inspire you to not go 3+ years with blank walls in your house, like I often do! :S

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a very small commission off any purchases made from my links – since I helped drive you there. It’s no extra cost to you so don’t worry!