A Lint Roller Can Be Used for THIS?! 4 Amazing Fall Cleaning Projects using a Lint Roller

Most people use lint rollers on clothing. However, they can be used in many other ways, including helping you clean your home for fall or any other time of year.

I’ll be sharing with you 4 amazing ways that an Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller can help make cleaning easier and faster.

This post was sponsored by Evercare but all opinions stated here are mine.

Cleaning Project 1: Clean & Organize a Kitchen Utensil Drawer

Everyone has at least one messy drawer in their home. I have about 25 messy drawers! Therefore, I decided to clean and organize my kitchen utensil drawer. Here’s what it looked like before I started.

Step 1: Remove all items.

Step 2: Clean out the debris and dust in the drawer using an Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller. First simply roll the roller in the drawer. This lint roller is extremely sticky so it will easily grab the dust and debris in the drawer right away.

To get in the corners and crevices of the drawer, tear a sheet off the lint roller. Then crease the sheet and press it into the crevices to remove any remaining debris.

Step 3: Use painter’s tape to lay out the plan for the dividers.

Step 4: Use a miter saw to cut ¼” x 4” poplar boards into the correct lengths for the drawer dividers.

Step 5: Glue the boards together to form the drawer dividers.

Step 6: Place the divider in the drawer and you have a beautifully clean and organized drawer!

Cleaning Project 2: Clean up Leaves Stuck on Area Rugs

If you live somewhere where leaves fall off trees in the fall, you know how easily little pieces of leaves can get inside. They are easy to sweep off hardwood floors but they stick to surfaces like area rugs. Recently I tried using the Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller on my entryway rug that had pieces of leaves all over it.

This lint roller did an amazing job of picking up all the leaves! Also, it was super quick and easy to use for this purpose – no pulling out a huge vacuum for a small cleaning job.

Cleaning Project 3: Dusting off a Lamp Shade

I must admit that I rarely clean off lamp shades. I simply forget that they get dusty! The texture of lamp shades make them especially challenging to dust well.

Therefore, I tried using an Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller on my lamp shade. It quickly removed all the little particles of dust. It’s a super simple and quick way to clean!

Cleaning Project 4: Cleaning up Glitter from Fall Decor

Let’s face it: Most kids love glitter. Glitter can easily go everywhere and be challenging to clean up.

Recently I tried using an Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller to pick up the glitter from a fall decor piece in my daughter’s room. The black glitter on this pumpkin is very tiny and tends to go everywhere.

A few rolls of the Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller and all the glitter was on the lint roller, and not on the white dresser anymore. It made me want to keep a lint roller in every room for super quick and easy clean-ups!

I hope you found these cleaning tips helpful!

Have you ever used a lint roller to clean something other than your clothes? What did you clean? Tell me in the comments – I’d love to have more ideas for cleaning with lint rollers!