Guest Bedroom Decor Budget-Friendly Modern Furniture

7 Tips for Decorating a Guest Bedroom

How to create a beautiful, modern guest bedroom even if you only have a small bedroom to work with.

Let’s face it. Not many guests are coming to people’s houses right now.

You know what that means? It’s time to completely redo your guest bedroom! It means you have ample time to make a gigantic mess in there while you create gorgeous modern accent walls, put new sheets on the bed and add beautiful budget-friendly decor.

Here are 7 tips that will help you create a guest bedroom that is welcoming and functional for guests.

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Modern accent wall and modern nightstand in budget-friendly guest bedroom

1. Place a basket with extra blankets in it in the corner

A common problem that guests have at other people’s homes is being too hot or too cold. Everyone prefers a different sleeping temperature.

Plus, most people don’t try out their guest bedrooms ahead of time to determine if they are much colder or hotter than the rest of the house.

To account for the potential that your guests could get cold at night, simply place some extra blankets in the room. Putting them in a cute basket is an easy way to add them to the room in a pretty way. I use this cute basket from Timeyard. Timeyard has a lot of really cute baskets that vary in shape, size and texture. They are really budget-friendly as well!

Modern budget-friendly guest bedroom with Boll & Branch sheets

2. Prioritize comfortable bedding

In the past I always put the random, really old blankets and sheets on our guest bed. I figured that they get the least amount of use so it made sense.

Recently I’ve changed my mind. I started prioritizing this bedding. It’s just a sweet way for me to show them that I care about their comfort while they are here.

My mom recently spent the night and in the morning she told me that my Boll & Branch sheets were “buttery soft!” She said that she woke up a few times during the night and then just fell right back to sleep because the sheets were so very soft around her. That’s what I want people to feel like at my home – comfortable, cozy, happy, loved.

Modern Green Accent Wall in Guest Bedroom with Zinus Bed and Mattress

3. Add a fun element to the room such as a modern accent wall

Everyone loves an interesting, custom room. I recently created this modern accent wall to make a statement in our guest bedroom.

It was very simple to make. I located the studs in the wall and then attached 1×2 pine boards to the wall with a nail gun. I used caulk and wood filler to fill in any of the seams. I then painted it green for an extra punch of color in this room. Head here to see the Instagram story highlight that shows you all the details!

4. Provide your wifi password (if you are comfortable with this)

Everyone has a different approach to internet security but if you are comfortable with it, provide your wifi details to your guest in their bedroom. This way they won’t have to ask you for the password, which guests often won’t do if that conversation makes them feel awkward.

You could create a small framed sign to display the password.

Guest Bedroom Target Decor and Modern Decor Items

5. Keep the decor and furniture simple

Leave empty space in the room. Your guests will likely have suitcases and other items to store in this room. If you are able to, leave some empty space in the room so that they don’t feel cramped.

Keep the decor simple. Avoid having large collections in this room or using this room to store random bins and boxes (I’m definitely guilty of this one!).

I have minimal decor and for furniture, I simply have a Zinus bed, Target modern woven nightstands, Target lamps and a Studio McGee Scribble Art piece from Target.

Modern Accent Wall in Guest Bedroom with Cute Pot from Hobby Lobby

6. Add some life to the room with plants

As long as you remember to water and care for the plants, plants can add some life to your guest bedroom. This cute pot is from Hobby Lobby, which has a wide variety of really cute pots!

Oftentimes guest bedrooms are on the lower level of a home, or even in a basement, with little natural light. If that’s the case, find plants that require little sunlight or use faux plants. Either way, plants add some color and life to a space that might otherwise feel a bit stale and unused.

7. The most important part isn’t the fancy room but YOU

Do you need a fancy, perfect room to host guests? Of course not! They can sleep on your couch or on your living room floor on an air mattress. True story: I’ve slept on an air mattress in a kitchen next to a running dishwasher. It was hilarious. But you know what? I loved every minute of being there with people that I loved.

Looking for other modern decor items for your home? Head here to learn how to make budget-friendly wall decor and a beautiful console table!

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  • Christin Cieslarski

    I love this! Only thing I’m missing is some plants!

    • admin

      Oooo, nicely done, Christin! I’m impressed πŸ™‚

    • Marie

      The accent wall is so good. The room looks great! I love that you provide the wifi password! Guests always ask without fail!

      • admin

        Thanks so much, Marie!! And yes, I feel like it’s so normal now to just give out wifi passwords!

  • Lori Nell

    Love love how your guest room turned out! The wall is amazing and the color choice is gorgeous

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Lori! With all the walls in my house being white, this one was a bit out of my comfort zone but I love how it turned out!

  • Linda

    So many great tips! I have two rooms I need to makeover so I’m in the gathering inspiration phase. Will definitely get better bedding.

    • admin

      Thanks, Linda! I’m so glad that you found these tips helpful!

  • Liberty

    I finally bought my husband Boll & Branch sheets this summer and we enjoy them very much! I’ve just started using my electric blanket and combined with the sheets it is very cozy!


    • admin

      Oh that sounds heavenly!! I’ve never had good sheets before now. These Boll & Branch ones are crazy soft!

  • Calypso in the Country

    Great tips and I especially agree about the basket of extra blankets. I’m always cold so I like to pile them on. The bed looks so cozy!

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Shelley! I’m always cold at other people’s houses so I love lots of blankets too πŸ™‚

  • Carol Karl

    This a very useful post. Thanks so much.

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      I’m so glad you found it useful, Carol!

  • Danielle

    What a pretty room! I love the wall treatment! These are great tips!

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Danielle!

  • Kim Waldorf

    Love the accent wall and the color you painted it! I love a pretty basket in any room with throws in them! Thanks for sharing your good tips!

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Kim! I went bold with the green since most of my house is white – I like it though! πŸ™‚

  • Renee

    What great ideas! I love the blanket idea in case forget later in the evening to bring them in!

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Renee! Yea, I have often meant to give them more and forget so now I just keep them in there all the time πŸ™‚

  • Linda Johnston

    Mary, You are so right about the redo. My daughter redid ours when she was here duringt he stay at home. Ours doubles as the art room but she managed to clean out all the shelves. We dont have the same bedding but I did replace all three bedrooms with nice white bedding last winter. The beds are the same size and it makes changing sheets easier! Over from Sharing Group w/ MM

    • admin

      That sounds perfect! And really smart about the sheets being interchangeable πŸ™‚

  • Danielle

    I wrote a guest bedroom blog post over the summer. Do you mind if I link this post in mine?

    • admin

      I don’t mind at all. I’d love that! Thank you, Danielle.

  • Donna @ Modern on Monticello

    Thanks for sharing some great tips. I will be updating my daughter’s old bedroom to a guest room next year and will definitely remember your suggestions.

    • admin

      Awesome! I’m so glad this will be helpful for you. Thanks, Donna!

  • Juliet

    Such a pretty room, Mary. I love your accent wall … especially the color! I hear so much about Boll & Branch sheets, I’m definitely going to try them. A basket of extra blankets is such a great idea. Lucky guests … when we can have them again! xo

    • admin

      Thank you so much, Juliet! Yes, the Boll & Branch sheets are SO soft! I’m sure you’d love them πŸ™‚ And I can’t wait to start having more guests over too!

  • Jennifer

    That accent wall is AMAZING!!!

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      Thank you so much, Jennifer!

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