Thrifting, Gallery Walls and Pony Wall Shelving Round 2!

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge! If you’ve been following along you know that I’m a guest participant in the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. I’m transforming my living room in 8 weeks. That means we are halfway there!

This week I have three updates for you: Thrifting, a gallery wall and pony wall shelving round 2.


Every time I take on a room makeover, I make a list of everything that I need for the room. Then I decide which items I could DIY, either by making them from scratch or upcycling items from thrift stores or online marketplaces.

For my living room makeover I decided that I want to find the following items at a thrift store or online marketplace:

  1. Knick-knacks for on my pony wall shelving
  2. An end table or two to upcycle
  3. A sideboard for against my TV wall
  4. Potentially some frames or items for my gallery wall

Goodwill opened up this week and here’s what I found! I think I hit the jackpot with knick-knacks and a cheap end table.

The items in this photo that I found at Goodwill include: The two bowls stacked on top of each other ($1.99 each), the brown circle vase in the lower left corner ($2.99) and the large vase in the upper left corner ($1.99). I plan to refinish the large vase.

I also found this end table for $6.99! It was such a steal I couldn’t pass it up. It’s made of really solid wood. I plan to sand down the top and stain it. For the legs, I plan to paint them white. I might even throw a stencil on the top. We shall see!

I’m still on a hunt for a sideboard and possibly some frames.

Gallery Walls

Apparently gallery walls are a love it or hate it type of thing. Who knew?! Do you love them or hate them? I am, perhaps one of the rare few, who don’t love or hate them. I think if they are done well, they can be interesting and eye-catching.

After trying out a stencil on my wall and a few other items I decided that I need to keep this wall fairly simple. It it right next to my pony wall shelving which is quite ornate and busy. I’ve decided to post-pone my decision on this wall until later in the One Room Challenge.

Pony Wall Shelving Round 2

I’ve also been tackling the second section of pony wall shelving. It turns out it’s a lot easier to replicate something you’ve already done than start from scratch. This second section is coming together quickly and should be installed in the next few days.

What’s Happening Next?

This coming week I’ll be refinishing the end table and working on the third, and last (yay!), section of my pony wall shelving.

My couch and a beautiful olive tree should be coming in the mail in the next few weeks as well.

In the meantime, keep following along and make sure to check out what the other ORC participants are up to! I’m constantly amazed at all the work and beautiful designs I see coming out of this challenge.


  • Rachel Joy

    I LOVE thrifting; you can find super awesome and unique things! Love seeing your progress and look forward to seeing your space transform!

    • admin

      Thanks so much for following along! Thrifting is like a great big scavenger hunt where you save money AND find amazing things πŸ™‚

  • Jenna Pilant of Room Bloom Design

    It’s been so fun following along on this space !

    • admin

      Thanks so much! It’s been fun doing it and I’m so excited to get it all put together in the end πŸ™‚