• Painting Cabinets with the Perfect Brush - the Purdy Nylox Glide Paint Brush

    How to Paint Cabinets: What brush and roller should I use?

    Have you ever considered painting cabinets in your home? I considered it for months….okay, for YEARS…until I finally decided to go for it. Why did I wait so long? Because I wasn’t confident that I would be able to get a perfectly smooth finish on them. Fortunately, since then I’ve found the perfect brush and roller for painting cabinets. The finish is SO smooth. It looks professional! Ever since then, I’ve been painting cabinets like crazy. I recently painted a bathroom vanity at our cabin and in this tutorial I’ll walk you through exactly how I did it. You can easily do the same thing in your home! Keep reading…

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    How to Paint a Perfect Circle Feature Wall – Plus Lots More Painting Tips!

    Painting might initially seem pretty simple but once you get going on it, you might realize that the paint isn’t covering well, you are getting paint all over the trim or your fun geometric designs don’t have crisp, clean edges. Don’t worry, I’m here with all sorts of painting tips for you! I’ll be sharing with you everything from how to choose the right paint brush to how to clean and store your brushes so they last for years. Also, I’ll be walking you through how to paint a perfect circle feature wall (because color blocking always add a ton of fun and dimension to a room!). Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring…

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    Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge: Before and After Bathroom Reveal!

    I can’t believe that my Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge reveal is here! I’m so excited to share it with you. First, thank you so much for all your support and encouragement along the way! Secondly, let’s delve into this bathroom renovation! I’ll be starting with what the bathroom looked like before and walking you through how we transformed it during the 6-week Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge. Thanks so much to my generous sponsors, Jeffrey Court, FrogTape, Sinkology and Lamps Plus. I received compensation for my work but my opinions stated here are my own. Affiliate links are used, meaning that I could earn a small commission on some links if…

  • Finished Vertical Shiplap Wall in Bathroom with Floral Curtain

    How to Make a Beautiful Vertical Shiplap Half Wall

    Ah! We’re halfway through the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge. I can’t believe it! Have you been voting?? I hope so! We’re on week 3 of 6. This week I took on a vertical shiplap half wall in my bathroom. I wanted to make sure that it lasted a long time so I did something crazy and didn’t use wood for it. Wait. What?? Yup, you read that right. I didn’t use wood for a vertical shiplap half wall. Keep reading to find out what I used instead! What’s the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge? It’s an amazing 6-week challenge where Home DIYers compete against one another for a grand prize of…

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    How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets: Without Leaving Brush Strokes!

    It’s week 2 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge and I’ve been busy diving right in! This week I’ve been painting my bathroom cabinets. I’m here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be a scary undertaking. It can be easy, look professional and you can avoid brush strokes! Below I’ve laid out a quick “How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets” tutorial. Here’s the most important piece of advice I have for you: Don’t skip any steps! I’m impatient so many times I want to skip steps like sanding and just get the job done. Don’t do it. Follow the steps to get a perfect finish on your bathroom cabinets!…

  • Refinished console table with me and my favorite paint brushes
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    What paint brush should I use? For a smooth finish, a perfect line and more!

    Do you use the same paint brush for everything? I used to! Then I realized that painting projects become so much easier when I use the right paint brush. Some paint brushes are created specifically for making really straight, crisp lines. Other paint brushes are made specifically for leaving really smooth finishes. The list goes on! I’ll give you a quick guide to the best paint brushes to use for each type of project. Also, I’ll tell you just a bit about rollers as an added bonus! Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring this post. I received compensation and free product but all opinions stated here are my own. This post…

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    DIY Modern Color Block Wall

    I love white. Nearly every wall in my home is white. I love the clean, calming look of it. However… Sometimes you just need to add a little color and fun to a wall! Especially a wall in your young daughter’s room. Let me share with you the super simple steps to creating a gorgeous, modern accent wall. And bonus: The wall will remind you of neapolitan ice cream and your fun, carefree childhood days. Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring this post. I received compensation and free product but all opinions stated here are my own.This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive compensation when you click…

  • Outdoor Patio Makeover with Painted Chairs and Wood Slat Plant Wall
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    How To Paint Outdoor Patio Furniture in 4 Easy Steps [And How to Build a Plant Wall!]

    Today I’ll be sharing with you how to paint your old outdoor patio furniture. Faded furniture? Paint it! Worn-out wood? Paint it! Furniture that isn’t quite your style? Paint it! I’ll also be sharing with you how to create a giant wood slat wall for your plants. This adds a unique, really customized look to your outdoor space. Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring this post. I received compensation and free product but all opinions stated here are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive compensation when you click on links. This is no extra cost to you. Curious about Purdy? To learn more about…

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    Whitewashing Made Easy: Upcycling an Old Coffee Table

    Everywhere I look I see people whitewashing something. Furniture, fireplaces, mantles and more are being whitewashed to create a naturally rustic and airy look. Most people do a tricky dance of trying to mix the right paint with the right amount of water to achieve the perfect whitewash. Minwax makes whitewashing super easy! They have a color wash product that doesn’t need to be mixed with water, dries very quickly and creates a beautiful aged look on bare or stained wood. I used this Design Series Color Wash product on a very outdated coffee table that I’ve had sitting in my garage for the last 5 years. I transformed it…

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    The 3 Essential Tools for Painting High Ceilings

    The thought of painting the vaulted ceiling in my home was painful. I let that painful thought sit in my mind for a good 3 months. Then I finally got over it and got to work! Here’s the deal: It doesn’t have to be painful. With the right tools, it’s actually quite simple. Other than the obvious painting items such as paintbrushes, paint, etc., you will need 3 specific tools. An 18-inch roller frame and 18-inch roller. These items will change your world! Seriously. Buy them. Right now. I use them all the time, even in rooms without vaulted ceilings. They make painting projects go about 5 times faster. 2.…

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