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    Whitewashing Made Easy: Upcycling an Old Coffee Table

    Everywhere I look I see people whitewashing something. Furniture, fireplaces, mantles and more are being whitewashed to create a naturally rustic and airy look. Most people do a tricky dance of trying to mix the right paint with the right amount of water to achieve the perfect whitewash. Minwax makes whitewashing super easy! They have a color wash product that doesn’t need to be mixed with water, dries very quickly and creates a beautiful aged look on bare or stained wood. I used this Design Series Color Wash product on a very outdated coffee table that I’ve had sitting in my garage for the last 5 years. I transformed it…

  • Renovations

    The 3 Essential Tools for Painting High Ceilings

    The thought of painting the vaulted ceiling in my home was painful. I let that painful thought sit in my mind for a good 3 months. Then I finally got over it and got to work! Here’s the deal: It doesn’t have to be painful. With the right tools, it’s actually quite simple. Other than the obvious painting items such as paintbrushes, paint, etc., you will need 3 specific tools. An 18-inch roller frame and 18-inch roller. These items will change your world! Seriously. Buy them. Right now. I use them all the time, even in rooms without vaulted ceilings. They make painting projects go about 5 times faster. 2.…

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