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How to Fix an Uncomfortable Mattress in One Simple Step!

I can’t count the number of people who have told me that their mattress is really old and uncomfortable. 

Many times old, worn-out mattresses are simply passed down to relatives to use. We have quite a few of those! This is how it happens:

Someone says “Hey! I’ve got an old mattress! Does anyone want it?” I’m the person who says “YES! ME!” because I hate the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a mattress. 

However…that leads to me sleeping on really terrible mattresses. Plus, let’s face it, I’m getting older and my body hurts when I sleep on a bad mattress. So what’s the solution?

Thanks to ViscoSoft for sponsoring this post. All opinions stated here are my own.

The Budget-Friendly Solution

I recently tried out a mattress topper and both my husband and I absolutely love it! We chose the ViscoSoft Serene Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Topper. It literally has 4 INCHES of comfort, made up of memory foam and pillow top. Depending on your preference, ViscoSoft has a lot of different topper options you can choose from.

Mattress topper on bed with cozy blankets

These mattress toppers come with a 60 day money back guarantee and a free 3 year warranty. Also, they have free shipping! So there is really nothing to lose by trying one!

Does a Mattress Topper Move When You Sleep?

Some do. Viscosoft’s toppers do not. It’s one of the reasons why I really like theirs. I hate it when my sheets and blankets all shift around so I’d hate it even more if the mattress topper did. 

The topper that I have, the Serene Memory Foam Hybrid, has the pillow top that goes over the memory foam and around the mattress, keeping everything in place. To further help with this, there is a strap on each corner that keeps the pillow top snug on top of the memory foam. It’s honestly such a brilliant idea for keeping it all in place!

Mattress Topper that does not move on bed

My husband and I have been sleeping on top of the mattress topper for about a month and a half now and it hasn’t shifted at all.

How do I Clean a Mattress Topper?

The short answer is: It varies. With the mattress topper I have from ViscoSoft, they make it super easy. The pillow top cover is completely washable! Just throw it in your washing machine and you’ll be set to go, having a nice, fresh mattress topper again.

Really thick high quality memory foam mattress topper

If you really want a clean mattress topper, try ViscoSoft’s recently launched active charcoal infused mattress topper! It reduces moisture and humidity, helps eliminate odors and promotes a clean sleep environment. What’s not to love about that?! Read all about it here.

What if I don’t like Memory Foam?

Fortunately ViscoSoft has a ton of amazing options for mattress toppers. Some are firmer while some are softer. Some are cooling for those who get very warm while sleeping. Some are just memory foam while some are hybrids. There are so many options! 

Head over to to explore all the different topper options.

Can I use a Mattress Topper on an Air Mattress?

Okay, here’s the really amazing part of a mattress topper: You can use it in SO many different ways! The most obvious way to use it is on the top of an older mattress. 

Less obvious ways include on a futon or on an air mattress. 

Let’s be real. Air mattresses are NOT comfortable. I have also never slept on a comfortable futon. I’m not sure that they exist.

Put a ViscoSoft mattress topper on an air mattress or futon and it makes them SO much more comfortable. I’ve tried it with an air mattress and it’s crazy the difference that it makes!

Mattress topper on air mattress in guest bedroom with modern accent wall

Mattress toppers can also be used in RVs where beds are often not very comfortable.

If you want to have a little fun and create some magical times for your kids, make a fort with the mattress topper as the base and let them spend the night in this magical, comfortable fort.

Mattress Topper Fort for Children

Here’s the Take-Away.

Buy a ViscoSoft mattress topper!! Honestly, I regret not looking into this option sooner since our mattress has bothered us for months, maybe years. 

I highly recommend the Serene Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Topper but everyone has different sleep preferences so go take a look and find the one that is perfect for you.

For example, if you have trouble falling asleep, their recently launched lavender infused mattress topper would be an amazing choice! The lavender helps promote a calming sleep environment.

Mattress Topper with Cozy Blanket and Neutral Christmas Decor

Remember: Free shipping, 60 day money back guarantee AND I have a 10% off code for you: HAVEN10

Try it. You won’t regret those amazing nights of sleep.


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      So glad that you found it helpful!

    • Kim Waldorf

      This is great info! I have one but it isn’t memory foam. I loved the idea of making a fort and letting the kids sleep on it! Thanks for sharing!!

      • admin

        Thanks so much, Kim! This is the first mattress topper I’ve had and I’m so pleasantly surprised by how awesome it is!

        • Magda cantres

          I wanted now how much is that bed

          • admin

            Unfortunately we bought it about 10 years ago and it’s not sold anywhere anymore. We paid about $600 for it I think. It’s solid wood. Thanks for your question!

  • Danielle

    This looks like a fabulous topper, and I love how it has elastic straps!

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      Yesss, I love how those straps keep it in place so well! Thanks, Danielle 🙂

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    Oh my gosh! I need one! Thank you for sharing this, Mary.

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      Yesssss! It really makes such a huge difference! (I say as I sit on it right now – hah!)

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    This topper looks comfy… I have a memory foam mattress that is comfortable, and didn’t cost thousands, so I can believe this topper would be so nice.

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      Yes! I love finding budget-friendly options for mattresses! They can be so crazy expensive.

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    Great idea! Looks so cozy!!

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    My husband and I once had a mattress that basically has a crater in the middle ha ha. Every time I went to get out of bed I felt like I was climbing put of a pit! This topper would have helped a ton!

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      Haha! Oh that sounds terrible! My grandma had one like that that we had to sleep on when we visited – hah!

  • Linda

    I just bought a new mattress. Wish I would have thought about a topper first. This one looks wonderful!

    • admin

      I had never thought of a topper until recently too! I’m sure that you will love your new mattress though 🙂