Applying Primer with Roller 2

What do I need to get started flipping furniture?

Here’s a simple list (with links!) of what you’ll need to start flipping furniture.

I’ve linked the items that I prefer but of course there are other brand options you could go with.

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Quick Guide List of Furniture Flipping Tools & Materials

  1. TSP (to clean the furniture)
  2. Random Orbit Sander with sanding discs (to sand furniture to prep it for paint)
  3. Wood Filler (to fill in damage, like scratches and dents)
  4. Paint brush (this Nylox one has soft bristles to give you a smooth finish)
  5. Roller frame (this one is the perfect size for furniture!) and roller cover (this short nap is great for leaving a smooth finish on furniture)
  6. Paint pail (holds the mini roller and paint brush perfectly!)
  7. Primer (I love this one because it bonds well to many surfaces)
  8. Paint (this one is self-leveling and super durable so it won’t nick easily)

And here’s a great bonus item to get! These make removing sanding dust from your piece of furniture easier.

Want a step-by-step tutorial on how to flip furniture?

Head here to see a full furniture flipping tutorial.