How to Make a $5 Blanket Ladder

Quick. Easy. Inexpensive. Beautiful. This DIY home decor project is everything we all love! The best part is the price tag. Even if you mess it up, it only cost $5!

Here are the main items you’ll need for this project: two 2″ x 4″ x 6′ pine boards, one 1″ x 4″ x 6′ pine board, wood stain and paint. Use whatever stain and paint you have around the house to make this project really only cost $5! The tools and miscellaneous items you’ll want handy are: measuring tape, miter saw, paintbrush, painter’s tape, clamps, nails, orbital sander and tack cloth.

Step 1: Cut boards to the right sizes. Use a miter saw to cut two 2x4s down to 65″ long. Cut the ends at a 7 degree angle. Cut a 1×4 into 4 pieces, each 16″ long.

Step 2: Sand any rough spots on the boards and then remove any sawdust using a tack clothThis doesn’t have to be perfect. You just need to make sure that you won’t get a sliver when handling the wood.

Step 3: Stain all the boards. I chose to use Varathane Special Walnut wood stain.

Step 4: Position the rungs of the ladder, clamping and nailing it all together as you go. The bottom rung should be 16″ from the bottom of the ladder. Each subsequent rung should be 12″ from the rung below it. Clamps can help keep it all together as you nail the side boards to the rungs.

Step 5: Tape off and paint the bottom of the legs of the ladder using Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Linen White Chalked PaintYou can position your painter’s tape wherever you would like based on your personal preference. I placed it about 2 inches from the bottom rung of the ladder. Then I painted the bottom of the legs with chalk paint. You can use any paint you have on hand.

How simple was that?! You’ve got to try it. I’d love to hear if you do. Tag me on Instagram (@the_handcrafted_haven) if you try this out!

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