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    What’s the best paint brush for refinishing furniture?

    Not all paint brushes are the same. Some are specifically designed to work best with certain types of paint or stain. Some are designed to leave a smooth finish while others are designed for maximum coverage on rough surfaces. Therefore, people often ask me: What’s the best paint brush for refinishing furniture? Well, I’m about to tell you just that! I recently refinished my daughter’s dresser so I’ll walk you through how I refinished it and what brushes and rollers I chose to use along the way. Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring this post. I received compensation but all opinions stated here are my own. I’ve loved and owned Purdy products for a…

  • Painting Cabinets with the Perfect Brush - the Purdy Nylox Glide Paint Brush

    How to Paint Cabinets: What brush and roller should I use?

    Have you ever considered painting cabinets in your home? I considered it for months….okay, for YEARS…until I finally decided to go for it. Why did I wait so long? Because I wasn’t confident that I would be able to get a perfectly smooth finish on them. Fortunately, since then I’ve found the perfect brush and roller for painting cabinets. The finish is SO smooth. It looks professional! Ever since then, I’ve been painting cabinets like crazy. I recently painted a bathroom vanity at our cabin and in this tutorial I’ll walk you through exactly how I did it. You can easily do the same thing in your home! Keep reading…

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    How to Paint a Perfect Circle Feature Wall – Plus Lots More Painting Tips!

    Painting might initially seem pretty simple but once you get going on it, you might realize that the paint isn’t covering well, you are getting paint all over the trim or your fun geometric designs don’t have crisp, clean edges. Don’t worry, I’m here with all sorts of painting tips for you! I’ll be sharing with you everything from how to choose the right paint brush to how to clean and store your brushes so they last for years. Also, I’ll be walking you through how to paint a perfect circle feature wall (because color blocking always add a ton of fun and dimension to a room!). Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring…

  • Refinished console table with me and my favorite paint brushes
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    What paint brush should I use? For a smooth finish, a perfect line and more!

    Do you use the same paint brush for everything? I used to! Then I realized that painting projects become so much easier when I use the right paint brush. Some paint brushes are created specifically for making really straight, crisp lines. Other paint brushes are made specifically for leaving really smooth finishes. The list goes on! I’ll give you a quick guide to the best paint brushes to use for each type of project. Also, I’ll tell you just a bit about rollers as an added bonus! Thanks to Purdy for sponsoring this post. I received compensation and free product but all opinions stated here are my own. This post…