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    Measure 56 Times, Cut Once. One Room Challenge Week 2

    That’s the saying, right? “Measure 56 times, cut once.” Well, that’s what I did when I started working on my pony wall shelving. What’s a pony wall, you ask? It’s a half wall. Google tells me that it’s called a pony wall because if a pony was behind it, the pony could put it’s head over it. Hah. Makes complete sense, right? The Plan If you missed my mood board and layout plans, head over to my week 1 post here to catch up! This week I’ve been focusing mostly on this shelving that will go above my pony wall. My husband says it’s 80’s but if Chip & Joanna…

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    One Room Challenge Week 1: Living Room Makeover Starts Today!

    The One Room Challenge has started! My living room is ready. Well, who am I kidding? It’s been ready for a makeover for about 8 months now, ever since we moved into this house. The current items featured in my living room include the following: A giant cardboard box. A sectional awkwardly in two sections. Crackers ground into the carpet. Toys. Toys. Did I mention toys?! Please enjoy these lovely “Before” pictures. The one good part of this picture: That giant amazing egg chair that has stolen my heart and thankfully, hasn’t had any red wine spilled on it…yet. Here’s a giant blank wall….with a TV….and a lot of toys…and…

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    How to Update Ugly 70’s Spindles

    You know when you walk into a house and this is what you see? 70’s SPINDLES!!! This was one of those things that I told my husband that we definitely needed to update because I just really dislike them. Turns out other remodeling projects took priority when we moved in and these drove me crazy for a few years (haha, yes, YEARS) until one day I randomly walked upstairs and my husband was ripping them out!! Hooray!! I think it was right in the middle of our huge kitchen renovation so I was surprised that we were taking on a new project but I couldn’t have been happier to see…

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    Finding that Perfect Wall Decor

    Sooooo many walls, so many decorating decisions. You know those huge blank walls that make you wonder and wonder what to put there? And then three years later you are still wondering? Well, here are some ideas and tips to hopefully get you moving in the right direction! First off, I now have a rule that I don’t buy wall decor unless I absolutely love it. It means it takes a much longer time to finish decorating a space but it’s well worth it. I don’t end up with closets and basements filled with wall decor that I never really liked in the first place. 2 Main Considerations and then…

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