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    A Lint Roller Can Be Used for THIS?! 4 Amazing Fall Cleaning Projects using a Lint Roller

    Most people use lint rollers on clothing. However, they can be used in many other ways, including helping you clean your home for fall or any other time of year. I’ll be sharing with you 4 amazing ways that an Evercare All-Purpose Lint Roller can help make cleaning easier and faster. This post was sponsored by Evercare but all opinions stated here are mine. Cleaning Project 1: Clean & Organize a Kitchen Utensil Drawer Everyone has at least one messy drawer in their home. I have about 25 messy drawers! Therefore, I decided to clean and organize my kitchen utensil drawer. Here’s what it looked like before I started. Step…

  • 70s Spindle Renovation After Image

    How to Update Ugly 70’s Spindles

    You know when you walk into a house and this is what you see? 70’s SPINDLES!!! This was one of those things that I told my husband that we definitely needed to update because I just really dislike them. Turns out other remodeling projects took priority when we moved in and these drove me crazy for a few years (haha, yes, YEARS) until one day I randomly walked upstairs and my husband was ripping them out!! Hooray!! I think it was right in the middle of our huge kitchen renovation so I was surprised that we were taking on a new project but I couldn’t have been happier to see…

  • DIY Kitchen Renovation Painting Cabinets, Before and After

    How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets The Right Way!

    The hot home renovation trend – painted kitchen cabinets. I didn’t plan to jump on the bandwagon but I ultimately did and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did! Check out our kitchen before and after in the picture below…clearly we bought this house based on potential, not current aesthetic appeal 🙂 Before I tell you exactly how to paint your cabinets, let me tell you this: This was HARD. This was my least favorite project in our house. I might have taken a two-month hiatus from it and finally my in-laws kindly mentioned that they would take some cabinet doors home to paint My office…