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    Easy to Make DIY Plant Risers and Dowel Planters

    I’m not great at keeping plants alive but I love having some greenery in my home! Therefore, I’ve opted for a few plants that are easy to take care of and a lot of faux plants. I love the current dowel trend so I decided to combine my love for plants and dowels by making some plant risers and dowel planters. This is a super simple project that has a lot of room for customization depending on your style preferences. Let’s dive into how to make plant risers and dowel planters! Thanks to Minwax for sponsoring this post. I received compensation and free product from Minwax but all opinions stated here are…

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    Why is my Stain Blotchy? 5 Easy Solutions to Fix Blotchy Stain

    You plan. You build. You sand and sand and sand. Then you stain…and it comes out looking blotchy! Ah! You might be wondering “Why is my stain blotchy? What did I do wrong?!” Don’t worry, I have some easy solutions for you: staining tips that will help you avoid blotchy stain every time from here on out. First, what causes blotchy stain? Blotchy stain often occurs because wood unevenly absorbs stain, causing some areas to be darker than others. Blotchy stain is more likely to happen on soft woods such as pine. Stain rarely turns out blotchy on hard wood like oak. Solution 1: Choose a type of wood that…