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    How to Stencil Without Paint Bleeding: A Review of Materials

    It turns out that there are about a million different types of stencils you can buy. There are also about a million different methods you can use to stencil. Therefore, please, let me SIMPLIFY this for you! I went out and bought a wide array of stenciling products with the goal of finding the very best products and the very best method to use. Below you’ll find a review of products and methods, with a simple recommendation on the best way to stencil. Hopefully this saves you both money and time spent on exploring options! After all my stenciling trial-and-error, I made the above home decor item. And guess what?!…

  • Final Rustic Wood Coat/Key Hanger

    DIY Rustic Farmhouse Style Coat Rack

    I love using old wood I have lying around to make custom home decor items. First, it’s inexpensive. Secondly, I can customize the piece to fit my space exactly right. Thirdly, I get rid of old scrap wood that is filling up my garage! Have I convinced you yet to give this a try? In the following tutorial I am going to show you how to make a rustic farmhouse style coat rack. If you are looking for other easy farmhouse style projects, don’t forget to check out my $5 Blanket Ladder tutorial. Sign up here to get notified of new blog posts via email! Gather your supplies: I bought…

  • Embroidery Hoop Fabric Craft

    DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor: Easy to Make & Less than $10

    When I have blank walls I normally just drive to a few stores and find wall decor to hang up (proof here). Sometimes it’s expensive. Sometimes I like it for a few months and then randomly start hating it and replace it again. I’ve never made my own wall decor but I decided to give it a shot to get something truly unique AND really inexpensive. This project took less than an hour to make (seriously, I did it one evening after my son went to bed). Also, it cost me about $10 total but it could cost you $0 if you have these materials already lying around! Simple materials…