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    3 Ways to Reduce Clutter and Decorate your Home with Baskets

    I’m a collector of baskets. There. I said it. I love all the shapes and sizes and textures. I especially love how versatile they are in a home. *This post is sponsored by Timeyard. All opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy this article and get some ideas on how to style these items in your home!* If you’re looking for an easy way to add a bit of interest to your home, add a few baskets. I’m going to walk you through three ways to style baskets in your home. It’s easy. They makes a big impact. They also help reduce clutter. 1. Plant Basket A basket looks…

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    4 DIY Planter Box Ideas that Make Any Outdoor Space Beautiful

    Welcome to the Summer Outdoor Spaces Blog Hop! I’m so happy to be part of it and I’m excited to show you my DIY planters. This blog hop is hosted by AnnMarie & Anne from Simply2Moms. If you’re visiting from Shannon at My Little White Barn. or if you just happened to stop by, I’m so glad you’re here.  Do you have an outdoor space that needs a little extra love and care? Do you want to create a space to enjoy without spending a lot of money? DIY planter boxes are a great way to do it! Some planters can be made quite inexpensively and they immediately brighten up…

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    Living Room Layout Tips: Where do I put my couch?! ORC Week 7

    It’s week 7 of the One Room Challenge. I can’t believe it. At the start of this I naively thought “8 weeks is a long time!” Well folks, the weeks have flown by. There has been massive progress. There is also so much left to do. Don’t worry, it’s going to get done! Thanks for being along for the ride. Our couch came in this week (yay! just in time!) and it reminded me of something that I wanted to make sure to write a blog post about. When I first started this challenge I asked what living room issues people were experiencing. I wanted to make sure to highlight…

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    Thrifting Saved my One Room Challenge

    It’s week 6 of the One Room Challenge. We are quickly coming up on the final week (week 8)! Can I finish in time?! I sure hope so! If you haven’t heard yet, I’m a guest participant in the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. That means I’m working on transforming my living room in 8 weeks. If you had asked me a few days ago if I would finish in time, I would have been seriously doubtful. However, I finally found the exact item I was searching for on Facebook Marketplace! Why was it so hard to find and what was I looking for? Well, I’ll tell you.…

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    Thrifting, Gallery Walls and Pony Wall Shelving Round 2!

    It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge! If you’ve been following along you know that I’m a guest participant in the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. I’m transforming my living room in 8 weeks. That means we are halfway there! This week I have three updates for you: Thrifting, a gallery wall and pony wall shelving round 2. Thrifting Every time I take on a room makeover, I make a list of everything that I need for the room. Then I decide which items I could DIY, either by making them from scratch or upcycling items from thrift stores or online marketplaces. For my living room makeover…

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    Making a Pony Wall Cool Again. And Doing 500 Other Things. ORC Week 3!

    It’s week 3 and I’m starting to see the room coming together! Making a Pony Wall Cool Pony walls, or half walls, are so 80’s….or 60’s….or…..? I’m pretty sure no one said they are amazingly on trend for 2020. Nevertheless, I was on a mission to make my pony wall cool and I got a large piece of it finished this week. It took a lot of measuring, a lot of staining and more time than you might think but I got it done. It matches the trim exactly as I intended. You can see below my stain color test just to make sure that it would all match. Boho…

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    Measure 56 Times, Cut Once. One Room Challenge Week 2

    That’s the saying, right? “Measure 56 times, cut once.” Well, that’s what I did when I started working on my pony wall shelving. What’s a pony wall, you ask? It’s a half wall. Google tells me that it’s called a pony wall because if a pony was behind it, the pony could put it’s head over it. Hah. Makes complete sense, right? The Plan If you missed my mood board and layout plans, head over to my week 1 post here to catch up! This week I’ve been focusing mostly on this shelving that will go above my pony wall. My husband says it’s 80’s but if Chip & Joanna…

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    Rattan Pendant Lights for Almost Any Budget

    I was recently on a multi-month hunt for the perfect rattan pendant light. It turns out that if you find one you like you should buy it immediately! I learned the hard way that they are very popular right now and go out of stock very quickly. I thought it might be helpful for you if I compiled a list of some of my favorite wicker pendant lights They vary in budget so hopefully you can find one that works for you! If not, feel free to bust out your DIY skills and make one from a basket (and then show me it because I will be in awe of…

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    One Room Challenge Week 1: Living Room Makeover Starts Today!

    The One Room Challenge has started! My living room is ready. Well, who am I kidding? It’s been ready for a makeover for about 8 months now, ever since we moved into this house. The current items featured in my living room include the following: A giant cardboard box. A sectional awkwardly in two sections. Crackers ground into the carpet. Toys. Toys. Did I mention toys?! Please enjoy these lovely “Before” pictures. The one good part of this picture: That giant amazing egg chair that has stolen my heart and thankfully, hasn’t had any red wine spilled on it…yet. Here’s a giant blank wall….with a TV….and a lot of toys…and…

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    How to Make a Gorgeous Hanging Flower Vases Centerpiece

    Here’s a quick and easy home decor DIY project to add a little happiness to your home. It’s simple, unique and completely customizable to your unique color and style preferences. This hanging flower vases project is also budget-friendly! So let’s get started. Want to stay in the know on the latest home DIY projects I’m tackling and passing on to you via easy tutorials? Sign up HERE for my email list. Materials & Tools 1″ x 4″ x 6′ pine board Paint or stain (I used Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint – Linen White) Screws Small glass vases or jars Twine Super glue Paintbrush Drill Miter saw Time to…

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